Atlantic oil spill response preparedness & training

Staying prepared means continuous training and improvement. To accomplish this, our training program focuses on the following core areas:

Spill Management

Ongoing training for our Command Staff on team functions and responsibilities during a response, including:

  • Oil spill trajectory modeling and strategies
  • Equipment deployment
  • Health and safety practices
  • Asset tracking and costing


On-water activities including deployment of spill response equipment such as containment and protection boom, oil recovery, in-situ burning, air reconnaissance and storage operations.

Health & Safety

All response personnel are provided health and safety training specific to their roles and responsibilities during an incident response.


As a response organization at the ready 24 / 7, our year-round exercises are a crucial way we stay prepared for incident response. Every exercise – from notification to table-top to operational (on-water) – is audited by Transport Canada and evaluated by peer organizations.

Notification Exercises include testing our communications functions with response personnel and contractors.

Table-top Exercises include activating the Spill Management Team and a fully functional Incident Command Centre, testing all functions within the team.

Operational Exercises include activating our Field Response Team and deploying response equipment. 


Another crucial aspect of our team’s preparedness is our continuous investment and maintenance of our response equipment. 

Our inventory includes a broad range of response vessels, skimmers, boom containment systems, liquid storage systems and decontamination equipment for personnel and wildlife.

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