More on our emergency oil spill response services

Since 1991, we have provided marine oil spill response services to oil handling facilities and commercial marine vessels throughout the Bay of Fundy region. 

Our response services are certified under the Canada Shipping Act (CSA) 2001 and by Transport Canada. Our services are recertified every three years by the National Review Board, which examines our response plan process, equipment, training and exercise programs.

We are certified to provide a 10,000-tonne response capacity through our own equipment and response teams, as well as through a mutual aid agreement with our industry peer, Eastern Canada Response Corp. This agreement defines how our organizations work together to achieve a greater level of response by sharing resources. 

We also have access to additional response support from other Canadian partners including the Canadian Coast Guard, Port Saint John and other response organizations, such as Point Tupper Marine Services and the Western Canada Marine Response Corp.

Geographic Area of Response


Our area of response spans both the southwestern coast of New Brunswick and northwestern coast of Nova Scotia. We have equipment stored at locations across our geographic area of response (GAR) in the event of an incident.

We frequently run exercises and equipment testing throughout our GAR. Find out more about our training and exercises.