Working together to provide oil spill cleanup

During our training and exercises and in times of incident response, we work seamlessly together with our partners to function as one cohesive team. 

The following outlines team roles and our contracted organizations.

Response Team

Our operational contractors have experience in responding to incidents in a marine environment including: shoreline response, managing labour forces and heavy equipment.

Vessel Captains, Deckhands, On-water Supervisors

  • Atlantic Towing
  • DMK
  • Jordive
  • Huntley Sub Aqua Construction¬†
  • Brothers Cove Ventures

On-water Support Workers, Labourers, Shoreline Supervisors

  • Gulf Operators
  • RST
  • W & S General Contractors
  • A.F. Theriault & Sons
  • GFL Environmental

Skimmer Operators

  • GFL Environmental
  • W&S General Contractors
  • A.F. Theriault & Sons


  • Try Als Trucking
  • Loyalist City Towing
  • Atlantic Tiltload


  • Irving Equipment
  • D&K Crane

Health & Safety

  • Pinchin LeBlanc Environmental Ltd.

Command Centre Support Staff

  • Munro Electronics
  • Deloitte
  • Dillon Consulting
  • Adecco
  • Source Atlantic
  • GFL Environmental
  • Atlantic Towing
  • Try Als Trucking
  • DSS Protection

Environmental Consultants

  • Triox Environmental Emergencies

Wildlife Rehabilitation

  • Atlantic Wildlife Institute
  • Tristate Bird Rescue and Research Inc.